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Seller Company Name

Pixel Explorer LLC


1304-11 Takahagi-cho, Sano-shi, Tochigi-ken

Chief Executive Officer

Hidemasa Nakajima

Phone Number


Email Address


Additional Fees and Additional Charges

No additional fees will be charged.

Exchange and Return (Refund Policy)

In case of cancellation or change of subscription due to customer's convenience:

- Cancellation of subscription can be done on the website before the start of the next billing period. By canceling the operation, the subscription will be stopped from the next billing.

- Please change the subscription plan on the website before the start of the next billing period. The new plan will be applied from the next billing period.

If there are any defects in the service content:

- If any defects are found in the service content, we will respond appropriately at our expense. Depending on the nature of the defect, we may extend the service, provide alternative services, or offer a refund.

Interruption or suspension of subscription service:

- Customers can voluntarily suspend or stop the subscription service. However, please note that we cannot refund already paid fees. We will notify customers in advance in case of temporary suspension of service for quality improvement or maintenance, at our discretion.

Delivery Time

About immediate use of subscription service:

After placing an order for our subscription service, you can use the service almost immediately. By speeding up the order processing, access to the service will be available as soon as the order is confirmed, allowing you to fully utilize all functions without delay.

Accepted Payment Methods

Credit card

Payment Period

Credit card payments are processed immediately

Service Details

Paid Online Forum

Selling Price

Monthly - $15
Annual - $150